3D StuffmakerUSA brings innovation and affordability with the introduction of hobby, educational and professional 3D printers to the Miami Mini Maker Faire.

The 3D Stuffmaker™ line of 3D printers embodies a powerful and elite range of consumer and professional desktop printers that raises the bar for 3D printing technology. The Creator and Evolution models are perfect solutions for professionals who intend to utilize these printers for advanced innovation.

Entrepreneurs, engineers, architects and medical researchers are utilizing our 3D printing technology in cutting-edge ways that are progressing their industries forward.  With remarkable quality output, the 3D Stuffmaker™ professional models are the most advanced and affordable 3D printers.

3D Stuffmaker is positioned to be the brand of choice in the additive manufacturing space with the introduction of fast, lightweight and affordable desktop printers. Capable of printing with sub-micron layer accuracy and detail, our printers spur innovation and creativity by enabling the creative mind to bring designs and ideas to reality.   Innovators are creating groundbreaking designs previously unattainable in a cost effective manner.  

Products currently being created by our units include jewelry for stores and markets, parts for building and prototyping, and customized specialty toys.  The possibilities are endless.

Our mid-range printers are sturdy and reliable, yet small enough to fit on your desktop.

The Mega Prusa and Classic Prusa models are a perfect choice for the general home-based creator and hobbyist intending to use their printer regularly for fast and streamlined  basic prototyping and tinkering.  With a large format base plate, the Mega Prusa can create much larger objects than its desktop counterparts while still maintaining substantial levels of precision, speed and accuracy.

We welcome all to our booth to learn more and experience the remarkable benefits our technology has to offer.

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